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Please see below some reminiscences received - please send yours to be included by clicking - please state in your email that you wish this to be included on the website and/or in the annual magazine.

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Catherine Hawkes Miss Edwards, Spit and Dribble and the Polecat

Clare Burberry (Mrs Jay) 1973-1978 Reminiscing from the 1970s

Diana Dean ( Mrs Lightwing) 1952 - 1959 Reminiscences from the 1960s

Liz Williams (Libby Holdham) 1952ish Miss Bridge, German and ringing the bell!

Barbara Cameron (Mrs Peel ) 1965 - 1972 Lunchtime, Games and Sewing

Gaynor Smith 1969-1974 Travelling to school, broken noses and Miss Crisp's sandwich spread!(Once tasted never forgotten!)

Justine Lovell ( Mrs Smith) 1972-1977 Legacy of a Whyteleafe education

Sue Kindin ( Mrs Atkins) 1966-1973 Llangollen and Miss Haldane,

Jenny Macfie 1959-1963 Short skirts, summer dresses, lacrosse and the Lady of Shallott

Myrtle Elms (Mrs Rae) 1950-1954 Dos and Don'ts





Latest News

The final reunion is 13th May 2017. The reunion is now fully booked. We have opened a short waiting list of 20 places. Should you wish to be put on this waiting list please email sue@semperfidelis.org.uk