a website for Old Whyteleafeans


Introduction and History

testWhyteleafe County Grammar School for Girls 1907 - 1978

Whyteleafe first opened its doors on 6th May 1907, and many thousands of girls passed through its doors, and on to greater things until its closure at the end of the school year in 1978.


Many world changing events happened during the life of the school, including two world wars, yet Whyteleafe continued on until the political climate of the time meant it had to close. However despite the fact that the school has not existed for in excess of 20 years, each year, in May, a reunion is held, with a remarkable number of attendees from the 1920s up to the 1970s, which speaks volumes about the effect that this school had on the girls who attended it, and the staff who worked there.

Whilst the building may have changed is role in life to that of a Junior School, Whyteleafe County Grammar School lives on in its former pupils and staff.

This website is designed to allow old Whyteleafeans, be they pupils or members of staff, to keep in contact. 2017 will see the final reuinion , which will be held in May, however this is already fully booked.


Latest News

The final reunion is 13th May 2017. The reunion is now fully booked. We have opened a short waiting list of 20 places. Should you wish to be put on this waiting list please email sue@semperfidelis.org.uk